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Which data is sent to re:cookies?
Only selected marketing cookies are sent to re:cookies. 

Where is cookie data stored?
The cookie data is stored persistently in the user’s browser, and the re:cookies solution does not require storing data persistently on outside servers. 

How is the data kept secure?
HTTPS/SSL encryption and client-side cookie storage provide security and regulatory compliance. 

What happens if re:cookies is temporarily unavailable?

Users entering the site may not be fully tracked with Google/Facebook events, but only if their cookies had been removed due to ITP.  No other impact to site functionality would occur.

Does it slow down my site?

No, the re:cookies solution doesn’t block the page rendering or page events and is loaded asynchronously, so it will not block any other requests. The re:cookies API is hosted in the cloud on fully serverless and elastic infrastructure. It will scale to any traffic spikes your site encounters, without pre-scaling, including Black Friday and Christmas shopping seasons.

Does it impact other services on my site?

No, the re:cookies solution is fully self-contained and only interacts with the cookies in the user’s browser.

What happens when you need to update the function?

This is only needed rarely, if a major new Apple ITP and browser change occurs that specifically affects the re:cookies solution.
Updates are easily managed through Google Tag Manager. 

What happens when I update my website?

Nothing, as long as Google Tag Manager is still active on your site.

How is my DNS setup affected?

The first time you deploy re:cookies you will add a DNS record to your domain. Step by step instructions are provided when activating your website with re:cookies. This DNS record will not interfere with existing DNS records, nor with the traffic to your site.

What is the pricing model?

Price is based on actual request volume per month, with a cost per request depending on your tier. Re:cookies requests are made to restore sessions for returning users. The number of requests you pay for will correlate with (daily active Apple Safari users) * (days in the month).

Is there a price cap, I don’t want to get a huge bill suddenly?

Contact your re:cookies representative if you have an unexpected rise in traffic.

Is there a minimum cost per month?

Yes, for each tier there’s a minimum cost per month.

How do I change the pricing tier?

Contact your re:cookies representative.