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Inflammation Lab

How we helped Inflammation Lab increase audience group sizes by 56% and how it affected their business.

65% of Inflammation Labs’ visitors use a Safari browser. Their marketing team noted that the share of new visitors kept increasing according to their site analytics software. As other performance metrics told another story, the team started to investigate what was wrong. They soon realized that returning visitors on the Safari browser showed up as new visitors in their analytics software, due to the shortened cookie lifetime caused by Safari’s ITP policy. This also explained why their remarketing campaigns had performed worse and the retargeting audiences had diminished in size.

After integration of re:cookies, Inflammation Lab saw an average increase of their audience group sizes of 56% and their analytics software reported a smaller share of new visitors.

“re:cookies help us to get better effect and targeting in our performance marketing activities.”


Mega Deals

Megadeals help companies of all sizes to focus on what’s most important – to win bigger deals. Re:cookies helped Megadeals to extend cookie lifetimes for visitors on their website.

43% of Megadeal’s visitors use a Safari browser. For Megadeals, it’s important to draw business intelligence from their website analytics software as it helps them to find what content is most compelling to their clients. Over time, the Megadeal’s team started to question the accuracy of their analytics software as it reported a suspiciously high number of new visitors and their a/b testing produced inconclusive results.

By using re:cookies, Megadeals regained their ability to properly measure and draw conclusions from their website analytics tools.

“re:cookies has helped us to get our data knowledge about Safari users back. This is crucial for us in our marketing efforts.”


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