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We offer all new clients a free trial month, no credit card needed. Contact us to get started.



  • Covers up to 10k Safari visitors per month
  • Support and setup included



  • Covers up to 50k Safari visitors per month
  • Support and setup included
  • 27% rebate



  • Covers up to 100k Safari visitors per month
  • Support and setup included
  • 39% rebate


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If you have more than 100k Safari visitors per month, check the price list for pricing.

Additional information

The pricing is “usage based”, i.e. the monthly fee is dependent on the Customer’s usage of the service. In general, the “usage” increases linearly with the number of Safari sessions. On average for all Customers of re:cookies, the ratio between Safari sessions and cookie-reset request is 1 to 6. Example, for a Customer with 100.000 Safari sessions per month, we would expect around 600.000 cookie-reset requests.  Check the price list for further details.

You can choose from a Continuous Contact or a Fixed Contract, each with the following conditions:

Continuous contracts:
  • Customer pays for exact usage per month according to the price list.
  • The contract term is 30 days with 30 days cancellation.
  • Invoiced in arrears. If the monthly fee exceeds $500, the fee will be invoiced monthly otherwise quarterly.
Fixed contracts:
  • For 12 months fixed contracts, we will give you 2 months for free
  • The contract term can be 3, 6 or 12 months (Customer’s choice).
  • Invoiced in advance, either quarterly or for full term (Customer’s choice)
  • The predetermined monthly fee will be calculated based on the Customer’s average number of Safari session per month during the past 12 months (from Google Analytics or similar), and according to the price list.

Pricing FAQ

Q. Can I see somewhere how many requests will be generated by my website?

A. We cannot say in advance exactly how many requests your website will generate. However, we know that on average there are 6 request per Safari browser session per month. To check how many Safari browser sessions you have per month you can use Google Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. In your GA, navigate to “Audience > Technology > Browser & OS”.
  2. Select last 12 months as time period.
  3. Find ”Safari” in the list of browsers and check the column ”Sessions”.

To get the average per month, just divide the total with 12. Now you can multiply that by 6 and you will get a good idea of how many requests for cookie-resets that your website will generate.

Q. I had X number of Safari Sessions last month according to my Google Analytics. How would you calculate my price for re:cookies?

A. We employ a segmented pricing model, which means that the more requests your website makes, the lower price you will pay per request. Example; if you website made 1.9 million cookie-reset requests, the price per mille requests is $0.28 (as detailed in the price list). You will then be charged (1.900.000 / 1000) * $0.28 = $532. Another example; if your website made 125.000 requests, the price per mille requests is $0.82. You will then be charged (125.000 / 1000) * $0.82 = $102.5.

Q. How do I know the exact price in advance?

A. We offer fixed pricing through our 12-month Fixed Contract option. The monthly fee will be calculated using our price list and the average number of Safari session that your website has per month. For Continuous Contracts, pricing is strictly usage based.

Q. For a Fixed Contract, what if my website generates more or fewer requests than estimated in the fixed contract?

A. For fixed contracts, we allow for fluctuations (fluctuations are to be expected considering seasonality factors). For each new contract year, the contract fee will be adjusted based on last year’s usage.