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Over the last couple of years, marketers have seen their visitor tracking capabilities gradually degrade. The cause, of course, is the rise in attention to user privacy on the Internet. ITP, ETP, adblockers, ATT, CCPA, GDPR, ePD etc. The list of regulatory policies and browser restrictions keeps growing and is slowly but surely shutting down the possibility of tracking visitors in conventional ways. 

The problem has now become so large that it’s causing major concern for all digital marketers worldwide. That is what prompted us to create re:cookies – a solution that boosts all your digital marketing and analytics efforts by reclaiming cookies.

Simple deployment

Simple deployment and updates via Google Tag Manager and a one-time DNS record addition. You can deploy the solution to your website in tens of minutes.

Safe and secure data

HTTPS/SSL encryption and client-side cookie storage provides security and regulatory compliance. 

Guaranteed performance

Globally available and fully serverless architecture guarantees performance and scalability at any traffic volumes. Your website will not be slowed down, nor will your users notice problems should something unexpected happen.

How it works

When a user visits your site, various 3rd party tracking scripts (Google, Facebook, Hotjar etc) will save 1st party tracking cookies in the visitor’s browser. For Safari users, these cookies will be penalized with a limited cookie lifetime of 24 hours (by Safari ITP policy). With re:cookies’ solution these cookies’ lifetime can be extended to a period of your choosing. This will have a huge positive impact on your personalization, retargeting, and analytics capabilities.