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Extend your cookies’ lifespan from 24h to 90+ days

Safari ITP policy limits cookies’ lifetime to 24 hours. With re:cookies, you will counteract the intrusive anti-tracking features of Apple ITP and immediately increase your advertising performance and improve your analytics intelligence.

From 24h to 90+ days

Regain control over your marketing efforts by extending the lifetime of Safari users’ cookies from 24h to 90+ days.

Fully secure data

HTTPS/SSL encryption and client-side cookie storage provides security and regulatory compliance.​

Fast and simple deployment

Simple deployment via Google Tag Manager and a one-time DNS modification. 

What is the problem?

Apple’s Safari ITP has broken your analytics and paid marketing efforts by limiting marketing cookies’ lifetime to 24 hours. The reduction in the lifespan of cookies means a reduction in the amount and quality of data linked to individual users.

This causes:

“re:cookies is a no-brainer for any company for which digital marketing and analytics are key success factors.”


“The service was easy to setup and the effect on our digital marketing is beyond our expectations.”